Janey Makes a Play

Originally, another developer had created a one-page WordPress site for the client. While functional, the site had a dated (read more)

Sacred Space Coworking

Sacred Space Coworking is a business that provides space for "business services, daycare, and spiritual formation for productivity, hospitality, (read more)

Mitra Path

Mitra Path, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in California that provides business consulting through the principles of mindfulness. (read more)

Sweet Incendiaries

Sweet Incendiaries is an eCommerce website that uses Devise for user authentication and the Braintree API for processing orders. Users (read more)

JavaScript Calculator

A functional, draggable calculator built with vanilla JavaScript and a little JQuery. View on CodePen.


Using AJAX and JSONP, the viewer makes a call to Wikipedia's API to create a custom retrieval engine. View (read more)

Trek Quote Generator

Quotable Trek is a simple example of what can be done with a little bit of JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS. (read more)

Other Projects

This is a compilation of early projects I created while learning the ropes of web development. The technologies used (read more)